Social media and friendship How Social Media is Changing it

Social media and friendship – Social media is now the talk of the town. More and more people are now coming into the realm of social media on a daily basis. People continue to befriend each other on social media due to racial, ethnic, racial and religious barriers. It affects not only our personal lives but also our definition of friendship.

As soon as the button on the mobile phone is pressed, a person gets a chance to make a new friend. In a short time, all our good news is coming to the other side. Even if the friendship is new, we are ignoring many of our sensitive issues. We don’t have time to judge its benefits. It is an integral part of our Mahabharata culture to make friends and to observe the religion of friendship, sometimes by witnessing religion and sometimes by witnessing religion.

This is not uncommon in the country, where there is a risk of losing one’s friendship.
Read about the rare examples of friendships like Krishna Sudama, Karna-Duryodhana, Rakshas-Chandandasa and have been made for generations of this country. The backdrop of this frindship is the need to interpret the friendships of social media.

Traditionally, the enemy can always be our friend, but there is no guarantee that the friend will remain friends. In many cases, we are reluctant to send a message of friendship to a friend, but this can be done very easily on social media.

What can and cannot be done about friendship on social media depends entirely on the opinions of two individuals who are friends. When this friendship begins, it is confined to a few words or phrases, and in some cases, the friendship is strained for a long time without even knowing each other. An Austrian friend can interact with an African friend.

And a boy of india may fall in love with San Francisco girl. Money can be sent from Cuttack for the treatment of a Korean friend. So not only has social media changed the definition of frendship, it has also broadened its form.
There are many philosophies about friendship in Indian culture.

According to the Indian philosophy, anyone who stands in danger, at a festival, at a palace or in a cemetery is a true friend. But the friendships created by social media are just emotional. It may not be possible to go and stand near the good. What seems most important when building friendships on social media is trust and similarity. This friendship is strengthened when individuals trust each other and have the same views on different issues.

Very few people may be proud of how many friends one has in social life, but the number of people who are proud of the number of friendships on social media is much higher. But it is important to understand that there is a big difference between quality friendship and numerical friendship. Social media has given us the inspiration and opportunity to make more and more friends, widening the geographical boundaries of friendship but not to make the mistake of forgetting current friends. That way we can’t blame social media. Because friendship and its manifestation is an art and it depends entirely on the individual.

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