Vedas: Vedic knowledge and human life

The Vedas for the entire human race contain a total of 20,500 mantras written in the Vedic language near the Sanskrit language.  Rigveda, Yajurveda, Samaveda  and Atharvaveda What should be the work of man in the Vedas divided into four such parts; What will be his duty to the country, to the family of society; There is guidance in that relationship. Knowing all this, it is believed that God gave this Vedic knowledge to the sages at the beginning of the creation, which can surely lead to the overall development of man. The four sages, Agni, vayu, Aditya and Angira, were given Vedic knowledge.

It is believed that since the hearts of the four Sages were so sacred, only Vedic knowledge was revealed in their hearts.As a stream, he created the source of Vedic knowledge. God is omnipotent and inspiring in the hearts of the sages.

From the beginning of the Vedas to the rule of God, the constitution of the divine government has been guiding the way for a harmonious life of human beings. But sadly, over time, man has turned away from God and from the Vedas. However, after the initiation of the Vedas to restore the Vedas under the leadership of the great Swami Dayananda, it became a campaign. But he was the victim of superstition in his time.

That he is Polluting the mind of young generation. So he was forced to die by drinking poison called Hemlock. Similarly, Maharshi Dayananda was also poisoned to death. If this is true, then scientists have always tried to persuade Galileo to go to the path of truth because religious superstitions have been refuted by superstitious people. But what was given to her. The most important truth for scientists, Buno, was that they poured kerosene on them and set them on fire. It is alleged that the ambassador provided the information to the complainant.

So Maharshi Dayananda Saraswati’s tireless efforts are immortal and always will be .

The Vedas say that it is the highest duty of man to alleviate the sorrow of the poor. This is the essence of Vedic knowledge. This means that giving services to the patient, such as giving food to the hungry, giving water to the thirsty, giving clothes to the destitute, giving wisdom to the ignorant, etc., brings man closer to God. So a beautiful way to worship God is service. But worship is considered by humans to be limited to the worship of wood or stone idols. Therefore, we need to extend the scope of our worship to the service sector without being limited to idol worship.

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The Vedas are the first knowledge of the world, so the question arises as to why the Vedas were alienated from the common people because the Sanskrit language was kept out of the reach of the common people in the Brahmin-dominated society.

Vedic studies in the language have moved away from the people. In the past, in the ashram education system, disciples in the ashrams studied in the Sanskrit language and studied the Vedas and other scriptures. Over time, the Sanskrit language became obsolete in its own land for reasons that were already entrenched.

Nowadays, some Sanskrit mantras are still present in the faces of some Brahmins who are doing the work. In such a scenario, the hope of increasing Bedri’s popularity seems to be miraculous. It should also be noted, however, that there is now a growing interest in Vedic knowledge abroad. In this regard, a concerted effort should be made to establish the dominance of the Vedas in India.

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