The Second God

The Second God

The essence of all human imperfection. The name is probably God. God is good forever. He is generous to all who obey him, who despise him, who despise him His name is God . Man, on the other hand, is selfish from birth. It is in his best interests to control his life.

He finds happiness in those who praise him, and he does not accept his critics as his own. Man is forever incomplete, unable to recognize the world by removing the spectacles of selfishness.

And God, who is so self-sufficient, is always invisible, inexhaustible, because He is the possessor of divine qualities as He sees the whole creation equally, regardless of condemnation, praise, enemy-friend. His divine consciousness is available only in the faith of man.

It is also a matter of belief in myths that he appears on earth at different times in different incarnations. So while the existence of this first God is confined within the four walls of faith, some of our human beings are recognized as the second God and move into this physical world.

Like God, they are truly good. Whether they are enemies or friends, rich or poor, they are dedicated to the well-being of all, and their dignity, personality, strength and ability. That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there.

Another name for this second God is the doctor. God creates a body and sends it into the world, but the experts who are responsible for the balanced nutrition of the cell body are no less important than God. As the human body burns with intense burning, suffering from various ailments, obstacles, and physical injuries, it becomes a direct God, releasing water from the cold sand of his earthly hand.

It seems to me that this goddess is bought in exchange for a small amount of money, Sina, in fact, the relief that comes from the grateful heart of a deaf-mouthed man, with a little bit of laughter and tears.

Ironically, some of these gods have sacrificed their goddesses, and the sacrifices are even more palatable than the monsters. The desire to make money is so exalted that they inadvertently suffer from a serious illness like money. The consequences are dire. Once attacked, the disease is not easily cured. The divine attainment that is achieved as a result of a lot of hard work, the divine attainment that is attained in the attack of money sickness is premature.

Instead, he extends his corpse to the original man within himself, extending his corpse to a monstrous demon, who, in all his demonic behavior, overtakes the Kansa and Ravana of the Puranas. Where the poor patient does not get paid from. If you don’t have enough money to pay for a prescription, you may need to remove the kidneys from the patient’s face and sleep on the operating table. Ahh, what oppression of Arthasur!

The unfortunate sight of the doctors, who are slowly becoming more and more demon-possessed as the second god in the faith of the people, is slowly growing in number in today’s consumerist society. In the face of the challenges of materialistic modern life, many people from all walks of life are rushing to get past each other, and doctors are lagging behind, thinking of themselves as gods! What is the ability of God to satisfy all the needs in modern life? What is the value of that second God when the ministers, engineers, administrators and other bureaucrats are employed to enrich the future with their own prosperity by sending justice principles and morals on leave !!

While everything in the world is being weighed in the balance, doctors ’health care is also in the prescribed amount of money. Be available in exchange for doctors’ services and skills. Let the rich live and buy their lives with wealth. Let the poor die by cursing their poverty. All these languages belong to the poor, who are deprived of the expensive health care of today’s society and proudly blame God for his misfortune. He does not have time to understand the language of his pride and obsession, nor does he have the heart of the first God who calls them their creators, nor does he have the heart of the doctors who call him the second God to take care of his health. The taste of bitter life changes.

Shankar Gowda, a Niara doctor living in Manda, Karnataka, is not affiliated with any clinic or nursing home. Sitting on the wall of a small burning shop on a street in the city, patients watch. From 8 a.m. to 12 p.m., she walks in the same area to see her patients and the rest of the time on her living room porch. He must have made a lot of money by contracting with a private hospital or nursing home or even having a well-equipped chamber in his home. But in this case, the patients who come to him for treatment are the most basic necessities of the well-to-do category, which is in stark contrast to the promise he once made before becoming a doctor.

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Born into a poor family, Dr. Shankar Gowda lost his young sick father without treatment while in school due to his poverty. He had vowed not to allow his poor father to be rushed to the cemetery that day before his father’s body was cremated. Fighting his own poverty, he received medical education with great difficulty and became a doctor

Her first decision was to alleviate the poverty of her family when she returned as a pediatrician. There was also ample opportunity for government employment or connection to any other private hospital. But he refrained from remembering his father’s recent vows. Boss, later embarked on a different journey, an innovative journey towards swearing-in. But with his journey of giving patients on the side of the road at a cost of five rupees, he gained a unique identity, an extraordinary reputation, as a ‘Panchatankia doctor’ across the state.

Dr. Gowda’s Panchtankia Nick opens at 8 a.m. every morning. Two to five hundred rupees to pay for a doctor who is out of their power, they stand in long lines at this unhealthy clinic, where patients are far from sitting, and there is no chair for doctors to sit. Leaning against the wall of the breakfast shop on one half of the wall, Dr. Gaud and one by one, the patient writes down the prescription of the cheapest generic drug. He takes five rupees from everyone and charges a fee, only to be noticed by the elderly and beggars, and the patient that Dr. Gaud sees in his house is completely free.

Someone gets sick where there is a golden opportunity to exploit some doctors, where life is looted for fear of death, thousands are forced to spend thousands of rupees on medical examinations in the name of treatment even if they are not needed, and even if the disease is cured. In spite of all the misery for a rare second God like him in the match of the bloodthirsty monsters who are constantly being tortured, life still seems unattainable !!

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