Online Learning Problems of during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Online Learning – Education is one of the development sectors that is seriously affected. Whereas the progress of a nation depends on the quality of education in addition to the quality of health and the pace of the economy.
The visible impact is the change in learning models in schools and tertiary institutions. Initially, face-to-face learning in the classroom turns into distance learning at home.

Learning takes place online or online. A variety of online media that have been rarely used, during the Covid-19 pandemic suddenly popular. Call it google classroom, google form, google meet and zoom.
Third-party applications have sprung up like Ruangguru, Quiziiz and others.

Online or online learning will use both desktop and mobile devices. This cannot be ignored because without this tool online learning would not have been possible.
In addition to these devices must also be connected to the internet network. Furthermore, applications and social media are needed to facilitate online learning.

Provision of materials and assignments by teachers through applications and social media.

Buying a horse is easy

Who says online learning is cheap. And who says face-to-face learning at school is expensive.

We hear a lot of complaints from parents about the fulfillment of all children’s needs in online learning.

Online learning requires a number of tools and facilities as well as human resources. Required devices are generally based on Android besides desktop devices such as computers, laptops, netbooks, and so on.

The problem is, not all parents are able to meet online learning needs. Many parents still have limited ability to provide access devices, network facilities and use of the device itself.
You certainly still remember how fierce the ban was for students to bring cellphones to school before the co-19 Pandemic period. For students who are caught carrying cellphones will get sanctions from the school. There are those who have been on their cell phones and have been picked up with parents.

But changes occur suddenly. Students must have access devices and network facilities in online learning.

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Access device problems, Okay can put parents in various ways. But what will be the problem is the limited ability of parents to buy data packages or internet quotas. For example, buying a horse might be easy, but providing grass may be difficult. This is because buying a horse only once but providing routine food every day.

In line with the parable, buying a cellphone might be only once and parents can work on it. Buying a data plan or internet quota is not so and will be repeated many times. The period of purchasing a data plan depends on the content that is accessed and the use of the gadget by students. Not to mention if it is used for other purposes such as access to video-based content and online games.

If the problem is the limited internet access around the residence. Maybe parents can argue. Certainly not the case if the reason is due to the limited ability to buy internet packages. Or limitations in providing gadgets.
The problem of online learning due to the limited ability of parents to provide internet access needs real solutions by the school. Of course the school has already understood this.

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