How to grow taller 13 Easy & effective Ways for All

If you are looking some effective ways to how to grow taller, then you are on the right place. Everybody crave the ideal body height. There are many reasons why they want it. There is a reasoned that the short-sighted body makes it less confident. Some men who want a high body to be not less high with his female friends. There is the strongest reason, that is that the ideal height is indeed the main requirement to be able to register to be able to enter an institution such as military, doctor, police, and various other professions.

Some people are born with a high body. There are also some people who were born with a short body. For people who feel the body is less high then strive in many ways in order to increase their height. For example: by consuming a height-enhancer supplement or other drugs with labels stating it can increase height. You should be careful, on supplements that there are labels supporting growth hormone, it turns lying. Because growth hormone can only be obtained by through injections. Not in the form of pills, tablets, or syrup. Therefore, you need to be thorough and careful.

It’s a good idea to start trying ways to increase height naturally that is fast, potent, and without side effects. Than you will experience the risks and side effects of unwanted supplements. Let’s go straight, we see the article below.

How to grow taller faster

1. Diligently drink high calcium milk

Milk is known to have high calcium as well as its protein. Calcium is the most important substance to keep bones healthy and strong. When you want to buy dairy products, make sure the milk also contains vitamin D. Vitamin D serves to help the absorption of calcium in the body. Calcium is beneficial for enhancing bone growth in children and is also able to help prevent osteoporosis. By drinking milk 2 times a day. At breakfast and evening before bed. This habit will help accelerate your height growth process.

2. Diligent Drink mineral water

Mineral water is a drinking water containing minerals that are easily soluble and can be quickly digested by the body. Therefore, it is a way to drink mineral water as many as 8 glasses per day.

3. Consume high-calcium foods for grow taller fast

You also need to consume foods containing high calcium in order to help to maximize the body growth process, other than with regular milk drinking. Foods with high calcium For example: grains (chia seeds, sesame seeds, poppy seeds), sardines and salmon, cheese, yogurt, almonds, nuts and lentils.

4. Consume Nutritious foods

It also plays an important role for your height growth process is consuming foods with high nutrients. Nutritious foods are foods that contain a lot of protein and vitamins. It would be better if it contains calcium as well. Examples of foods containing high nutrients: blueberries, goji berries, mustard, chia seeds. This is how to add weight and height so that you can have the ideal height and weight.

5. Adequate rest

When the body is resting or sleeping, the body will produce growth hormone (HGH). Therefore, you should sleep fairly and regularly. Sleep time is healthy at least 8 hours a day. With regular sleep, it will facilitate the production of growth hormone, in addition it will also help the regeneration process of cells and body tissues.

6. Sleep in the correct position

Did you know that sleeping in the wrong sleeping position will make the bone growth and posture untrue, which is a curved bone and a humpback posture. The good sleep way to increase the height of the body is the position of the face, i.e. facing up, straight legs without hugging the bolsters, and not using pillows that are too high.

7. Grow taller stretches

Stretching or stretching is an easy physical exercise. The goal is to turn the muscles into weakness and comfort. This exercise is usually done before and after exercising. Stretching after waking up is also one way to increase the height in 1 week effective.


  1. Do a sequential stretch from the upper body to the lower body.
  2. Do not stretch unsequentially (randomly) (up-down-up-down).
  3. Because if a random stretch can cause the circulation of blood to be irregular and can cause nausea and dizziness.

8. Swim

Doing swimming sports has long been believed to be used as a way to increase height quickly naturally. Because with swimming, all the muscles on the body will be moved and trained, so it can help to accelerate your height growth. Growth hormones will be triggered to continue producing, by doing swimming sports. Try to swim at least once a week.

9. Kicking off

Do kicking movements. Kicking movement will make your muscles and bones feel a retractable sensation that will stimulate the bone growth of the legs to be longer and certainly higher. All you need to do is to move the moving forward movements alternately right and left foot. Or you can combine it with other movements such as futsal, that is when kicking the ball. Do it routinely.

10. Jump

Similarly to kicking, jumps can also affect the bone growth of your legs. The jumping movement will stimulate the muscles of the legs so that it will make the body higher.


  1. Perform jump movements every day for 15 minutes.
  2. All you need to do is just jumping around.
  3. You can also do this by using a rope (jumping rope).

11. Yoga for grow taller

Yoga is a movement that trains the body by stretching the body. The movement stretches on yoga, effective and beneficial as one way to increase your height.

12. Keeps posture Upright

People often unconsciously perform the wrong posture, for example: walking by bending or sitting in a humpback position. This untrue position will interfere with the growth of your bones. Therefore, you should always be conscious to always use a sturdy posture at all times. For example: Standing, walking, or sitting.

13. Stopping unhealthy habits

Stopping and not doing unhealthy habits like drinking drinks that contain alcohol, smoking, often eating junk food is another thing you should do to help maximize your height. Because these habits will impede your height growth.

Thus step and how to increase height hopefully useful

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